Like the body's essential need for water, so too, is their an essential need for change, as it is the main vehicle to all growth. We know it is an essential part of life, but most of us avoid change as much as we can. As a result, transformation points often feel like a wall we've run into, rather than a well-crafted boat on which to sail to our desired destination. We tend to look at the events of our lives episodically instead of thematically. We don't place our trials in the context of our larger story, and thus, fight these events when there is an opportunity to embrace them. A life chosen by reaction to events, never looks as vibrant or meaningful, as one we have intentionally created.


When I consider coaching, I look at it as both an action and a vision journey for the client. Change is key to all personal growth and when cultivated with fine attention to beliefs, values and language it's possible to revolutionize a client's journey. Language and images are how we communicate not just with others but with ourselves. We are thinking and imagining our life from the very moment we awaken. We're never not doing it. Road blocks are most often found in the way we communicate with ourselves. Speech, image development and strategic thinking habits are the primary focus of our work. Short, focused strategies, generally deliver the best results. Transition points, whether by accident or by choice, are the most potent for dynamic growth, especially when coached with precision to thought and behavioral habits.